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02 Apr 2014

Now days, you can easily locate many online shopping stores selling lot of discounted fabulous items and products but out of these hundreds  of different online shopping sites some are extremely popular and definitely they have some distinctive reasons and features for their popularity. People who indulge in online shopping from online shopping stores must be familiar with the name of It is one of the best and leading online shopping store for all kinds of household products, clothing, accessories, shoes and much more. They give the best brand and quality to their customers but every best and branded thing has a price. Though they have the best quality products, outstanding customer services, 365 days return...

01 Apr 2014
There are many different ways, tips and tricks; we make use of, to find good online shopping deals. Especially when people intend to buy for kids, mostly look out for special discount offers by online shopping stores. Some buy the winter clothing when there is an end of season sale in the spring, while others may buy discounted clothing items through the online auction websites. No matter which approach you are adopting for online shopping, it has a room enough for improvement. 

With the ever evolving online shopping options, your nearest local mall is not the only shopping place offering, holiday discounts. According to one of the survey conducted by Deloittes 2011, half of the percentage of the consumers who polled favored...

28 Mar 2014

Online retailers are losing money on daily basis because you are losing potential customers on their online shopping websites due to abandonment of online shopping carts. How do I know it? Because there is data supporting this.

According to the research done by Baymard Institute, a UK based web Research Company, “67.45% shopping carts are abandoned by the customers due to different reasons.” If you think about this percentage, it means that if 100 customers are shopping on your online shopping website, 67 will leave the online shopping cart without making any purchase.

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment

Statistia: which provide studies and statistics from almost 18,000 resources, provides following main reasons...