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11 Apr 2014

Do you have a mobile application for your online shop which gives power to the shoppers to shop from anywhere and at any time? The behavior of the consumers is changing globally and now they prefer to do online shopping from their mobile devices. According to the research by comScore, consumers spend 55% of the shopping time, doing shopping from the online shopping stores through mobile devices. The trend is increasing with every passing day. In 2014, mobile app of their online shop will be the need of the time otherwise they will be losing the game.

Ø  Meaning of having a mobile friendly site: it means that you have a mobile version of your online shop website which easily loads on the mobile devices and is provides user friendly navigation. You need to consider the design and the interface of your mobile website, so that it does not let consumers go away without making purchase.

Ø  The designing of your mobile online shop website: your online shop website for mobiles should be optimized to be used on touch screen devices. The buttons and links on your online shop website should be big and visible enough to be easily touched by your finger or thumb, without zooming. Avoid multi direction scrolling, pop-ups and new windows so that consumer does not get frustrated.

Ø  Content of your online shop mobile website: your online shop website for mobile devices should be simpler and lighter as compared to your standard website. You should identify the most important things and display only on your mobile app. Try to remove ads and pop-ups as they interfere with the navigation experience of the consumer. Choose only limited menu, links, images and text. Your online shop mobile website should not give a cluttered or overwhelming impression. Simplify the steps of reaching the desired category; keep it simple to two steps process.

Ø  Fast and easy checkout process: cart abandonment is a big issue now days for the online store websites, so you can well imagine that what it could be with your online shop website on mobile devices. The major contributor towards this trend is the difficult process of checkout. Therefore, try to make it super easy, simple and fast as much as possible.

It is the need of the day for the online shop merchants and businessmen to keep pace with the cut throat competition and to launch their mobile devices friendly websites. Consumers now prefer to shop at their own convenience and prefer to shop from websites that offer them simple, easy and user friendly options for shopping. So update your online shop mobile website today, to earn maximum profits from your virtual shop.


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