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28 Mar 2014

Online retailers are losing money on daily basis because you are losing potential customers on their online shopping websites due to abandonment of online shopping carts. How do I know it? Because there is data supporting this.

According to the research done by Baymard Institute, a UK based web Research Company, “67.45% shopping carts are abandoned by the customers due to different reasons.” If you think about this percentage, it means that if 100 customers are shopping on your online shopping website, 67 will leave the online shopping cart without making any purchase.

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment

Statistia: which provide studies and statistics from almost 18,000 resources, provides following main reasons for shopping cart abandonment by the Shoppers.

·         Unexpected shopping costs: almost 56% of the shoppers reported being presented with some unexpected costs due to which they left the online shopping cart without making any purchase.

·         Very Slow website or website crashed: 24 % shoppers reported that they left the online shopping website just because the server was too slow and crashed during navigation.

·         Presentation of price in foreign currency: 13% of the shoppers reported that they left the shopping cart because the website didn’t provide the exchange rate in their local currency.

·         Just doing an internet browsing: 37% of the people told that they were just browsing the internet with no intention of buying anything from online shopping website.

·         Found better price options: 36% reported that they left the online shopping cart just because they were able to locate better price options on the other website.

·         Over all price of the product was too costly: 32% of the online shoppers left the cart because the overall price of the products including other costs and taxes was too extravagant.

·         Deciding not to buy: 26% reported that they decided not to buy after they filled up their online shopping cart.

·         Unfriendly user navigation experience: 25% of the shoppers reported to experience an unfriendly user navigation experience because the website was very complicated to understand.

·         Whole shopping process was very long: 21% shoppers reported that the process of online shopping was too long so they left the online shopping cart.

·         Unsuitable delivery choices: 16% reported leaving the online shopping cart because the delivery choices didn’t suit them.

 ( Source : Statistia, 2014)

By keeping in view these statistics, online retailers can make efforts to minimize the reasons of online shopping cart abandonment by their shoppers. This would enable them to have a better insight into the situation.


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